+ Version 4.2 launches the George Ryan Perez home website as well as many tweaks to both Murphee K and MPK Adventures.  This completes the refactoring effort into three distinct websites.

A complete redesign of George Ryan Perez inspired by the Windows 10 Start Menu was made by Holly E Design and was then converted to html/css using Webbsy.

Fourteen (14) incremental builds were deployed since version 4.1, and the following list summarizes those features/fixes:

// all sites
- turned on HTTP compression and browser caching
- optimized images
- updated copyright year dynamically in footers and assemblies
- enhanced performance of retrieving blog posts
- used ImageResizer 3.4.3 for dynamic processing of images

// Murphee K
- added Google Analytics
- added Next Show to front page
- added RSS feeds
- redirected all Classic ASP files to current site

// MPK Adventures
- added Google Analytics
- added Project Wonderful
- added mailto Easter egg in About and Archive pages
- added RSS feeds
- implemented friendly url to routing, archive, previous/next, RSS, and share buttons
- added search functionality (currently turned off)
- updated Twitter search api to v1.1
- enhanced previous/next comic navigation using dynamically processed images

// Home
- complete redesign inspired by the Windows 10 Start Menu

-George Ryan