+ Version 4.5 upgrades the entire codebase to use .NET Framework 4.5, a consequence of restoring Twitter functionality.

Twitter recently updated their API to version 1.1, and as a result, the Twitter feed at the top of MPK Adventures was no longer showing my latest tweet.  I took this as an opportunity to search other third-party libraries for making API-compliant calls to Twitter which then forced me to upgrade my entire codebase (see details below) in order to try out candidate libraries that required newer frameworks.  In the end, I chose Twitter-Post-Fetcher as it fit the needs of displaying my latest tweet, and in the process I was able to upgrade the codebase to .NET Framework 4.5.

Three (3) incremental builds were deployed since version 4.4, and the following list summarizes those features/fixes:

// all sites
- [4.4.1] converted from MVC2 to MVC3 using Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Solution Converter
- [4.4.1] updated to target .NET Framework 4 to install MVC 3.0.50813.1
- [4.4.2] updated to VS2017 with Continuous Integration and to TransformOnBuild for tt files
- [4.4.2] added UpgradeMvc3ToMvc4 1.0.1 to automatically upgrade to MVC4
- [4.4.2] updated .NET Target framework to 4.5 on all projects
- [4.4.2] as a result of the .NET Framework 4.5 upgrade, updated libraries to:

- ImageResizer 4.0.5,
- ImageResizer.Mvc 4.0.5,
- ImageResizer.Plugins.TinyCache 4.0.5,
- protobuf-net 2.4.0, and
- FlickrNet

- [4.4.2] removed LinqToTwitter 2.1.11 and replaced with Twitter-Post-Fetcher 18.0.4

// Murphee K

// MPK Adventures

// Home
- [4.4.1] updated link to Holly E Design.

-George Ryan